Friday, May 1, 2009

the perfect little black dress

What happens when you find the perfect rare black dress with only one of your size left but with a couple of defects? Should you keep it or return it?
I am too stubborn enough to return my dress because I might not find another one like it again! I'll just have to deal with fixing it up a bit.


mlle sarah said...

i spent way too much on that black dress i was telling you about and everyone was telling me to return but i just cant... and i know i will find a time to wear it again... i really love it... and my thing is that you shouldnt buy something unless you love it :P

pnk said...

Happened to me. I got the dress altered and I have never been happier to spend a little extra. You saw it. It was my dress to APAC Formal. I love that thing. <3

- Michelle

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