Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the fashion show

When I first heard about Bravo's new fashion show I wasn't interested in watching it at all. But after flipping through the channels during a commercial break I decided to give the show a try and I was quite impressed of how the first episode has caught my attention.

Just when I thought Project Runway had taken all of the fresh designers in America, The Fashion Show has gathered an even more cutting-edge bunch.

I give the designers props on their first Harper's Bazaar challenge by transforming a regular cotton black t-shirt into the iconic little black dress. My favorite dresses were designed by Johnny & Merlin. I look forward to watching Merlin and what crazy ideas he has next.

Johnny's dress

Merlin's dress


mlle sarah said...

how do they do that! i have a big boy tee that ive been meaning to cut up... envyyyyy

beautiful day said...

i don't know but i think it's amazing! i tried transforming my big t-shirt into a dress once but i failed miserably. :(

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